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Now with over 200 albums reviewed! Also check out the character pages for artists/composers and a tools section for a little extra help. Checkout the Playlist Helper by Gaaran and the accompanying pre-made playlists by theme.

Do you have recommendations that aren’t already on our massive To-Do-List? Leave a comment with your suggestions. We would love to hear what you use for gaming background music, whether it be for village themes, battles, futuristic urban exploration, or whatever.

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Notes from the Gaming Music Staff (music staff! get the pun?):

Unfortunately school and my personal life has kept me so busy that I had barely updated this page in 2 years, and I haven’t played a single tabletop game in two years. =( However I have a little extra time right now and have been putting up new reviews, so Gaming Music now has over 200 albums reviewed just in time to hit 1000 fans!! Thank you all so much for the support and I am glad this page can be such a great resource for the OP community. I have another idea in the works, but I expect it will be quite some time if/when I make that happen.



I apologize for the lack of involvement and updates that this site has suffered from over the last 10-12 months. I just started graduate school and didn’t realize just how much time it was going to require. Sadly I have had to put aside all of my hobbies, including playing RPG’s and working on this project. Support for this page has continued to grow despite its stagnation and I thank you all for that. There have also been many recommendations,they have all been added to the to-do list (if I missed yours please let me know!). I hope to put some time in over my summer vacation to provide you all with new reviews and playlists.



’This project is only in its nascent stages but has already recieved overwhemling support from the OP community. I would like to thank you all for the outreach and the suggestions. Due to the epic scale of the project and the collaborative and supportive environment here on OP this page is now also the project of Dethstryke and Gaaran. A HUGE thanks goes out to Dethstryke for creating the wonderful page templates and thinking of adding composers/artists/bands to the Characters Tab and to Gaaran for the idea for the Playlist Helper.

Vladimiravich also deserves a HUGE thanks for his constant feedback and suggestions.’


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