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DarkMagus’s Town/Village Playlist Suggestion

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Town/Village Playlist

1. Hamlets of Aquilonia – Age of ConanKnut Avenstroup Haugen

2. The Arrival:Cimmerian Welcome – Age of ConanKnut Avenstroup Haugen

3. The Sands of Forgetfulness – Age of ConanKnut Avenstroup Haugen

4. Theology/Civilization – Conan The BarbarianBasil Poledouris

5. Travel Music – Beetlejuice – Danny Elfman

6. Marrakesh Marketplace – Gladiator- More Music From the Motion PictureHans Zimmer

7. Old Bagdad – The 13th WarriorJerry Goldsmith

8. Cursed by Beauty – 300Tyler Bates

9. Main Title – BraveheartJames Horner

10. Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus – The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeHarry Gregson-Williams

11. Concerning Hobbits – LotR- The Fellowship of the RingHoward Shore


very very nice.


I have my own lists on Google Music, but this is a great idea. Thanks on behalf of everyone who hasn’t put their own hours and hours into this kind of thing too.


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