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DarkMagus’s Wilderness Playlist Suggestion

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1. The Bad Color – The VillageJames Newton Howard

2. More Dreams – Sleepy HollowDanny Elfman

3. Entering A City With a Future Foretold – ApocalyptoJames Horner

4. The Wardrobe – The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeHarry Gregson-Williams

5. Progeny – GladiatorHans Zimmer

6. Secrets – Gladiator- More Music From the Motion PictureHans Zimmer

7. Eaters of the Dead – The 13th WarriorJerry Goldsmith

8. The Agoge – 300Tyler Bates

9. Bamboo Forest – House of Flying DaggersShigeru Umebayashi

10. Lothlorien – LotR- The Fellowship of the RingHoward Shore

11. Treebeard – LotR- The Two TowersHoward Shore

12. The Pledge – The PrestigeDavid Julyan



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