Critic and worker monkey


My general tastes for gaming music run along the lines of instrumentals. I’m essentially providing a score to my game, so I take a fair amount of time selecting appropriate tracks depending on the scene. Anything without lyrics in English is what I typically aim for.

My voting formula is (roughly) as follows:
40% = How good are a majority of the tracks on the album?
If I only like one or two tracks, it will get a low score but a mention in the review.

40% = How varied is each track within itself?
The less varied, the better for me. I tend to pull individual tracks for feel, like tension building or combat. A sweeping ballad that suddenly goes mad in the middle before whispering a soft end is out of place everywhere for my games.

20% = How widely useable are the tracks?
Special theme music for fantastic vistas is great, but I prefer music I can adapt to an entire genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc.). If it only sounds good if you have clockwork nearby, for instance, then it’s going to loose a point.



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