Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the last airbender
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Artist: The Track Team

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A phenomenal score!! My only complaints are that many of the non-action/battle tracks pick up at the end and the tracks are all very short, most of them too short to really loop without risking driving your players crazy People can only listen to the same 30-45 second clip some many times without snapping like Jack Nicholason in the Shining. What I tried to do to use this wonderful music was to group songs together catagorically and then make a playlist where each song may be repeated a few times before the next song is played. It makes the tracks feel longer and less repetitive.

The battle/action tracks are great! “Dai Li Headquarters” is full of suspense until the very end when then percussion comes in. “Entering Ba Sing Se” is nice but again very short. “Heart Chakra” starts off a bit creepy but ends just sounding magical. “Panda Lilly” has an ethereal feel to it (kind of reminds me of FF7) in the beginning but then picks up at the end and kind of breaks the mood. “Uncle’s Tsungi Horn” is one of my favorites. Go listen to it right now. Why are you still reading this? Go!

Avatar the Last Airbender

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