Carnival of Lost Souls

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If you have heard of Midnight Syndicate then you know what Nox Arcana is all about- “imaginary soundtracks” of a gothic horror nature (for the most part). Music production seems to be entirely based on keyboard midi and other sampled instruments, which is in my opinion the one shortcoming of their music (I think the music would be significantly better if it were performed by real instruments, because, let’s face it, while production quality has gotten much better, you can often tell the difference and it makes the music sound a little cheap or cheesy.)

Carnival of Lost Souls is another concept album, this time based around the theme of a dark carnival. I’d say that this theme allows for a little more wiggle room on the quality of sound, because if you think about it, carnival and circus music are typically a little cheesy and use organs and other instruments which a keyboard can more easily reproduce than say the sound of a violin or a trumpet. Considering this, I think Carnival of Souls might be their best work, at least in my opinion, and for gaming purposes of course.

“Cries in the Night” and “Freaks” are some of their sound fx tracks which are almost always my favorite part of any of their albums but I always wish would last much longer than a minute or two.

Some of the highlights of this album are: “After Hours”, “Calliope”, “Hall of Mirrors”, “Haunted Carousel”, and “Living Dolls”.

Carnival of Lost Souls

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