Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop
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Artist: Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts

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So I love this show, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fantastic without the amazing soundtrack. Most of the music is jazz/blues/folk. Obviously this doesn’t work for the typical medieval fantasy world, but since it worked so good for the show, I’m sure it could work great for a particular type of campaign. This is the first disc in a series of discs- COWBOY BEBOP (OST I), NO DISC (OST II), Vitaminless (Mini-Album), BLUE (OST III), and Music For Freelance (Remix Album).

I have included reviewer “catsonmars” review of the individual tracks:

“1. Tank! — The opening theme to COWBOY BEBOP, an incredible instrumental jazz piece utilizing the big band. Performed by SEATBELTS, the group that does a lot of the jazz/big-band BGM from the show.
2. RUSH — Another fun jazz band piece, used as background music (BGM) in the show.

3. SPOKEY DOKEY — A jazz harmonica BGM piece that settles into some very mellow guitar/harmonica blues.

4. BAD DOG NO BISCUITS — Used as BGM for one of the two huge chase scenes in Session 2 of “Cowboy Bebop.” :) A really fun jazz band BGM that goes into a bit of a ska beat towards the end.

5. CAT BLUES — A light, playful jazz piece used as BGM.

6. COSMOS — A solo trumpet version of “Farewell Blues” from OST 3, BLUE.

7. SPACE LION — Used as the ending theme of session 13, “Jupiter Jazz.” Some very ambient, flowing jazz saxophone that flows into a native-american type chant.

8. WALTZ FOR ZIZI — Featuring guitar most prominently, this old-western type waltz paints the scenes of many dramatic or calm scenes in the series.

9. PIANO BLACK — An incredibly interesting jazz piece (in a meter of 3), with a clanky percussive loop accompanying actual drums, the skilled piano stylings of composer Yoko Kanno, and a stylish saxophone solo. I love this piece! :D

10. POT CITY — A dreary, guitar-laden riff that lives up to its name.

11. TOO GOOD TOO BAD — Contrasting the bleak sound of “POT CITY,” this jazzy piece takes off from the start, reminding me of 60s cop shows. ;)

12. CAR 24 — An extremely cute piece which makes use of flute, other winds, vibraphone, and several saxophones. :)

13. The EGG and I — Reminiscent of an irish folk dance, the complex percussion and incredible guitar fingering makes this one an incredibly entertaining song. Cute beyond belief!

14. FELT TIP PEN — A pretty decent western-ish piece, absolutely oozing with guitar. ;)

15. RAIN – An organ-accompanied vocal piece (sung by Steve Conte) makes a perfect setting it follows during the series-a cathedral.

16. DIGGIN’ MY POTATO — An excellent harmonica riff leads into a slow, driving jazzy piece with bongo accompaniment.

17. MEMORY — A music box version of ‘Adieu’ from OST 3, BLUE. =)"

Cowboy Bebop

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