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You can’t go wrong with a soundtrack specifically made for fantasy themes. (Well unless the sound quality is bad or the instruments sound cheesy, neither of which is true in this case…) I don’t care for track 1 “Intro” because of the short length and (mostly) because of the cheesy organ at the very end. Other than that I don’t think much even needs to be said about this album, the song titles pretty much give everything away. “Town”, “Dungeon”, “Catacombs”, “Caves”, and “Hell”. Of course you don’t have to use them for those settings, but I think they give you an idea as to what they might sound like.

Hell is probably the least favorite of these tracks, with cheesy sounds and effects that just aren’t too convincing. But that’s my opinion. I actually really dig “Town”. Good town music can be hard to find. This tracks isn’t quite as bright and cheery, maybe a little more on the mysterious side (maybe even ghost town), but still very useful.


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