Echoes of War

Echoes Of War
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Artist: Eminence Symphony Orchestra

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Two discs (that I kno wof, there could be more) of Blizzard Entertainment’s finest video game scores. It is all orchestrated, so it sounds more like a high budget film soundtrack, than a video game soundtrack. Mostly all dramatic or epic battle tracks. My problem is sometimes there’s too many ups and downs or mood changes in a few tracks.

I tend to think of my gaming music albums as falling into one of three categories:
1. The first is an album that has many moods to it with one overall feel that creates a mood of the album, which can be used on its own if necessary in a single night of play and it will still sound like it all fits together even when the mood changes. These are my staple albums like Gladiator or Age of Conan.
2.Then there’s a second type of album, one that mostly has a certain type of mood, but can mostly be relied upon for a whole night of play if its a certain type of adventure that fits that mood. These are the specialty albums like Hellraiser and The Shining for horror, or Riven for mystery for instance.
3. These albums have a limited range, like #2 above, but they can’t be relied upon for a whole night of gaming, and are better used like supplements.
I feel like Echoes of War falls into the third category. Mostly being battle tracks is pretty limiting, unless you are planning on an entire session of battles. Also there is not overarching theme or mood or sound to tie all the tracks together.

Echoes of War

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