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While this is a very good album I’m not sure if it lives up to much of Clint’s other work, such as The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, or even Moon. It is not as dark as his signature works, nor does it have a memorable theme that it revolves around. It does mix stringed instruments and electronic instruments as he often does.

“History Lesson” is a good track. It starts with the feeling of tension below the surface then suddenly explodes into an action track.

“The Driver Drives” is a good action track that I’d probably use in a d20 modern or Shadowrun game, however the pace dies down about half-way and the mood calms down too.

As with much of his other work, his quieter tracks (such as “Family Matters”) are very good. Mansell seems to understand the art of subtly in music.

Overall a good modern/futuristic sounding album, but it isn’t necessary for your collection. If you’re a Mansell fanatic like I am you won’t be disappointed, just don’t expect it to be quite the caliber of some of his other works.


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