Game of Thrones Season 1

Game of Thrones Season I
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Artist: Ramin Djawadi

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I may be biased because I love the books and the show, but this is a great soundtrack that actually have yet been able to use in game (as of July 2013) because I haven’t had the chance to play in a few years. Every time I listen to this soundtrack I want to run a fantasy campaign, though otherwise I have been learning toward something more modern. I think that’s a testament of how powerful the soundtrack is – because it just immediately pulls me into my imagination, into a medieval time.

The tracks tend to be short (under 3 minutes), which is unfortunate, but that’s such a minor issue compared to how good the music is.

Here’s a short description of a few good tracks:

“North of the Wall” reminds me a little of a couple tracks on The Village, you really just feel like you are deep in the woods at night and everything is calm, but you are still on edge, then suddenly the scene erupts with action!

“Love in the eyes” I would use for those quiet nights when the PCs are sitting around the camp fire, some may have waundered off to do their own thing, and everyone is deep in thought- remembering soemthign important, or worring about what will come next, or whatever.

“A raven from Kings landing” has a stillness to it that just speaks of a tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Just beautiful.

“The Wall” is another song that has the uneasy stillness to it, its builds so slowly and descends so easily that really find yourself on the edge of your chair, waiting for something to happen.

“The Assasins Dagger” is a great track to use when transitioning from suspense to action.

“To Vaes Dothrak” is great location music, especially is its for a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean type of place.

“You Win or You Die” is a creepy suspenseful track.

“Small pack of wolves” is a good action/battle track, it does dip off at the end, so I wouldn’t loop it for battle background, but rather using when describing action.

“The pointy end” is great location music, like “to vaes Dothrak”.

“Victory does not make us conquors” is a nice somber piece.

Game of Thrones Season 1

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