King Kong

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A good orchestrated album, but nothing truely sticks out as original and interesting. I find myself trying to remember what it sounds like time and time again when I wish to explore it for music. Nothing seems to stuck out as truely memorable. I think the work he did for M. Night Shyamalan’s films were better.

“Last Blank Space on the Map” reminds me of some of the work he did for the Village, or some of Danny Elfman’s score to “Planet of the Apes”. Heavy percussion, flutes, and dischordant violins create an atmosphere of impending doom. “Head Towards the Animals” is a good generic symphonic action piece. The best tracks may be the quiet pieces, useful for those moments of reflection or those quiet inter-group role playing moments, such as “Central Park”, “Beautiful”, and “A Fateful Meeting”. I also like “King Kong” and “Two Grand”.

King Kong

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