LotR- The Return of the King

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Howard Shore wrote a breathtaking score that ignites the imagination in the honor of the story that has inspired countless fantasy writers and gamers. I find the soundtrack not best for gaming background music due to the dynamism within individual tracks. That’s not to say that there aren’t any good gaming tracks, just that I feel that they are the exception to the rule for the most part. One moment you are visting hobbiton and the next you are in the land of the militaristic orcs. Or when a theme is kept there are just too many ups and downs. Very hard to manage. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it despite this because it is great to listen to while working on upcoming adventures and new worlds.

Some of the more consistant tracks are: “Minas Morgul”, “Twilight and Shadow”- it doesn’t change themes but the volume tneds to rise in the middle", “Ciruth Ungol”- though the very end picks up pace, and “Shelob’s Lair”- would be a good action/battle track if the first minute of so is skipped or used for description leading up to the action/battle.

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The soundtracks to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy are fantastically well done. However, they very much follow the ups and downs of the movie, and as such, most tracks have more than one underlying theme, making them very hard to fit into the score for your table-top game. The tracks that do fit, however, are very good.

LotR- The Return of the King

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