Road to Perdition

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This is an amazing score full of lush moods and a subtlety that can’t be overlooked. In addition to using an orchestra again we find Newman using beautiful piano melodies (like in American Beauty). Also, to connect to the Irish-American main character bagpipes are used in some spots. Much of the score is on the quieter side, but there is nothing minimal about it, it isn’t filler music. Strong themes are built around mystery, suspense, intrigue, dread and more. This soundtrack is perfect for games heavy in mystery/suspense, I especially see many of the tracks useful for music for when the party’s rogue is infiltrating (insert place here).

I really wanted to list some of my favorites, but after re-listening to the album, every track is just so good that I can’t really pick some out as better than the others. You just need to get it and listen to it so you know what I’m talking about.

Road to Perdition

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