The Da Vinci Code

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A marvelous score by one of my favorite composers. At moments it is full of mystery, possibly ancient secrets that only secrets societies know about. Other times heavenly choirs are singing. There are subtle quiet moments and there are big dramtic flares. The longer tracks tend to have many ups and downs, but theres plently of good thematic music here usable for moments of intrigue, for holy temples, or for whatever dark secrets you may be hiding from the PCs.

The tracks which are the most consistent in their theme are: “L’ Espirit des Gabriel”, “The Ad Arcana”, “The Malleus Malificarum”, “The Salvente Virgines”, “The Poisoned Chalice”, “The Beneath Alrischa”, “The CheValiers de Sangreal”, “Kyrie for the Magdelane”. One of my favorite tracks is “The Paschal Spirit”, which starts out with some heavy suspense and then builds to a reavelatory crescendo. It should be used for description scenes instead of being put on loop for ambience."

The Da Vinci Code

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