Those Who Tell the Truth

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One of my former drummers got me into this band years ago but I’ve never thought of using their music during gaming. A request was made to review the band and since I own a couple of their cds I figured I would. Explosions in the sky is an instrumental “post-rock” band. Their music alternates between spacey textures reminiscent of 70’s experimental rock bands like Pink Floyd and booming crashes that reveal why they are called “Explosions in the Sky”. The sonic landscapes they produce carry you gently down the river and then suddenly over a waterfall.

Those Who Tell the Truth… is a great cd, but I’m not really sure how I would go about using it as background music. The sudden and sharp contrast between their calm space rock jam and their heavy rock pulses is too dynamic for setting a particular mood. This could be great music for a descriptive scene though. One could use the cues for dramatic changes in the unfolding events you are narrating.

Those Who Tell the Truth

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