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A great soundtrack, just not a great soundtrack for gaming. For instance, the first track “Elora Danan” changes from the feel of a chase scene to suddenly whisking you into a magical grove or something. This problem could have possibly have been avoided if the tracks weren’t so long, over half of them are over 10 minutes. I’ll briefly describe the short tracks:

“Escape from the Tavern” (5:07) This is action pretty much straight through until the very end. This could definitely be useful.

“Willow’s Journey Begins” (5:28) Goes through many settings and moods. basically it’s just all over the place. Completely impossible to use. :(

“Canyon of Mazes” (7:53) Same as above. One minute there is mystery, then action, then fanfare.

“Willow’s theme” (3:57) Fanfare and victory. Sounds like the end credits to Star Wars or something.


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