Dungeons and Dragons Official Roleplaying Soundtrack

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A change of pace for Midnight Syndicate who normally make “soundtracks for the imagination” mostly in the gothic horror genre. There are many different themes or moods to use for different settings and scenarios. I still find the music a little on the cheesier side (due to it probably being keyboard MIDI instruments instead of real instruments), but this is much easier to swallow than much of their previous work, in my opinion.

One Amazon reviewer remarked that his group, “put this disc on a continual loop in the background during our Dungeons & Dragons session. Like their other discs, it set a good background atmosphere without distracting from the game.” I would have to say that I disagree with this assessment. First off I know that there are different “styles” of roleplaying, and I wouldn’t ever criticize others for how they play, and I know that my groups tend to have a more cinematic style of DMing and emphasize role-playing. That being said I don’t know how you can put a cd on repeat that has so many different moods and themes. Try putting this on in the background when watching your favorite movies. It won’t work. I don’t know how it could work for gaming. Individual tracks on repeat, yeah that makes sense, but the whole cd? Nope. Some albums make that easy because they keep one mood going throughout, such as Myst for suspense and mystery, or Session 9 for ambient horror.

Basically, a lot of variety here that you might like if you’re not afraid to use music made with synths. I find it to be good filler and use the music made with real instruments during the more intense moments where the music really makes the scene.

Dungeons and Dragons Official Roleplaying Soundtrack

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