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Film Soundtracks

The 13th Warrior (Jerry Goldsmith)- A variety of sounds including traditional middle eastern, suspense, and Conan style typical fantasy brass section heavy battle tracks.

1492 Conquest of Paradise (Vangelis)- Halfway between a new age album and a soundtrack. Ambient at all times but able to achieve a variety of moods for different types of scenes.

2001 A Space Odyssey (Jerry Goldsmith)- A redo of the original score. There’s a few really great spooky and dark/ambient tracks.

300 (Tyler Bates)- A mix of traditional orchestral sound with a modern flare of electric guitar now and then. Very intense and heavy battle tracks, but with a good number of songs with other moods to them.

A Fistful of Music: the Ennio Morricone Anthology (Ennio Morricone)- A collection of work from the genre-defining soundtracks of the classic Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns.

Alice in Wonderland (Danny Elfman)- A great score full of magical imagery. My complaints are that almost all of the tracks are very short.

Alien (Jerry Goldsmith)- A classic thriller/suspense soundtrack.

Amelie (Yann Tiersen)- A mostly happy upbeat French album, complete with accordion.

Angels and Demons (Hans Zimmer)- Just plain epic in its scale and layers of instrumentation and vocals. The title couldn’t be more appropriate due to the use of angelic sounding vocals and choir and the darkness that is constantly cropping up.

Apocalypto (James Horner)- I love the wooden flutes and the percussion, gives a nice tone to the album.

Appaloosa (Jeff Beal)- Perfect for westerns.

Avatar (James Horner)- A beautiful score lush with magic and emotion.

Black Swan (Clint Mansell)- a very dark album with moments of suspense/mystery/horror.

Blood Diamond (James Newton Howard)- A very rich score full of various moods and themes – overall it tries to capture an African sound.

Braveheart (James Horner)- A nice mix between traditional orchestra and bagpipes to give a scottish feel to a romantic album.

Chaos (Kenji Kawai)- A dark and mysterious ambient album, on the quieter side.

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Harry Gregson-Williams)- This album is full of magic and wonder, unfortunately many of the songs have too many changes to really be useful for setting a scene.

The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian (Harry Gregson-Williams)- A little of the magic from the first soundtrack is left, but mostly it gives way to action. About six tracks are film score that is thematic enough for game purposes.

The Chronicles of Riddick (Graeme Revell)- A strong score that alternates between action and suspense.

City of Ember (Andrew Lockington)-

Conan The Barbarian (Basil Poledouris)- A great dynamic sound for any typical fantasy campaign. Themes for love, battles, towns, and the magical.

Congo (Jerry Goldsmith)- A fine blend of Western orchestrated sound and traditional African sound.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Tan Dun)- A range of instrumentation including strings, wooden flute, horns, and percussion for a range of moods and themes.

The Da Vinci Code (Hans Zimmer)- Ancient secrets, angelic choirs, quiet moments, and dramatic flares.

Dolores Claiborne (Danny Elfman)- Dark and mysterious, with a bit of action.

Dracula (Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet)- Also just got this. Highly recommend it. 26 tracks of thematic gold! I love “Carriage without a Driver”.

Eastern Promises (Howard Shore)- A beautiful score, violin heavy, full of class, mystery, and maybe something darker…

Edward Scissorhands (Danny Elfman)- To listen to this soundtrack is to take a journey to a world full of beauty and magic. The use of soft female wordless vocals over strings and keyboards (I think) that almost sound like a music box creates an enchanting lullaby.

Eyes Wide Shut (Various Artists)- A very memorable creepy piano piece and some tension driven orchestrated pieces as well as a few jazz/blues tunes.

Faster (Clint Mansell)- a good modern/futuristic sounding album with lots of tension and action.

Fight Club (Dust Brothers)- A modern sounding album, electronic with elements of jazz and hip hop. A very chilled out sound. Great for modern and futuristic urban background music.

The Fountain (Clint Mansell)- Very dark (I love dark!) and somber, at times a bit dramatic.

Gettysburg (Randy Edelman)- Solemn or somber at times while other times it is glorious and triumphant

Gladiator (Hans Zimmer)- A great fit for a fantasy game. It has a range of themes for different atmospheres from calm to epic battle scores with drama and more in between.

Gladiator- More Music From the Motion Picture (Hans Zimmer)- This album unfortunately doesn’t meet the high standards of music from the first release. About half of the tracks have sound clips of talking from the film, and the other half makes up about 20 minutes of usable music, some of which seems a little recycled.

Hellraiser (Christopher Young)- An absolute must for anything creepy.

Hero (Tan Dun)- Great percussion, strings and soft vocals on some tracks. I love “In the Chess Court” and “Spirit Fight”.

House of Flying Daggers (Shigeru Umebayashi)- A beautiful soundtrack featuring mainly wooden flute, strings, and percussion. Most of the album stays on the softer side. “Echo Game” sticks out as a great all-percussion battle track.

In Bruges (Carter Burwell)- A dark somber score led by beautiful piano melodies.

Inception (Hans Zimmer)- Epic. Innovative. Memorable. A surreal meeting of modern sound with an orchestra at its finest. One of Zimmer’s best!

Interview with the Vampire (Elliot Goldenthal) – Spooky and atmospheric. This haunting soundtrack was nominated for the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score in 1994. Fits perfectly into any horror themed dungeon or gothic cityscape.

King Kong (James Newton Howard)- An orchestrated score with a few good quiet and heavy tracks.

The Last of The Mohicans (Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman)- A good score with a bit of variety to the moods it offers.

The Last Samurai (Hans Zimmer)- Not a particularly Japanese sounding album. Also, it is not uncommon for tracks to have 2 or 3 thematic changes in them.

The Last Temptation of Christ (Peter Gabriel)- An amazing album, with some traditional Middle Eastern sounding tracks.

LotR- The Fellowship of the Ring (Howard Shore)- Great soundtrack for the arch-typical fantasy story. However because individual tracks aren’t very thematic, but instead seem like sweeping overtures from one scene to another it makes it hard to use for anything but pre-scripted descriptions.

LotR- The Two Towers (Howard Shore)- A wonderful score that unfortunately has too many ups and downs and dramatic shifts from one theme to the next or overtures which break the mood therefore it is a bit unwieldy for a DM.

LotR- The Return of the King (Howard Shore)- A wonderful score that unfortunately has too many ups and downs and dramatic shifts from one theme to the next or overtures which break the mood therefore it is a bit unwieldy for a DM.

Memoirs of a Geisha (John Williams)- Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and violinist Ithzak Perlman pair up on this Williams score. The result is some amazing instrumentation and a traditional Japanese feel.

Moon (Clint Mansell)- Another great Mansell score. This time he delivers a brilliant minimalist piece. Empty, ambient, and dark.

The New World (James Horner)- The calming, almost meditative, mood of this album is like a peaceful journey through the woods, complete with the sound of birds chirping on multiple tracks.

Nightbreed (Danny Elfman)- both dark and eerie as well as upbeat like for a cartoon or clay-mation, really sounds like it should be for a Tim Burton film.

O Brother Where Art Thou (Various Artists)- Depression-era country, blues, bluegrass, folk, and gospel.

The Omen (Jerry Goldsmith)- A classic horror film with a classic soundtrack full of horror action, suspense, and lots of creepy satanic cultist chanting in Latin.

Pan’s Labyrinth (Javier Navarrete)- A dark and somber album most notable for its main theme which sounds like a sad lullaby.

The Passion of the Christ (John Debney)- A breath taking soundtrack that uses classical instruments of the Middle East to build rich moods.

Pi (Clint Mansell)- A great soundtrack completely ruined by the incorporation of sound clips of the main character talking. :(

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End (Hans Zimmer)- Great spooky, battle and dramatic tracks.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (Hans Zimmer)- Great music by the master composer, but a bit unwieldy for gaming due to the many ups and downs of some of the tracks.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer)- Mainly great battle tracks.

Planet of the Apes (Danny Elfman)- Wasn’t crazy about the movie, but Danny Elfman has created some great music, this album is amazing for battles.

The Prestige (David Julyan)- Mystery and suspense are in the air.

Prince of Egypt (Hans Zimer)- Between the Disney musicals are a few orchestrated tracks that have a traditional Egyptian sound to them.

Princess Mononoke (Joe Hisaishi)- An orchestrated score with too many swings and mood changes, tied to the animation action on screen.

Psycho (Danny Elfman)- Danny Elfman revisits the original score by Hermann. A classic thriller!

The Rage (Midnight Syndicate)- a gothic horror album done by a band used to making “imaginary soundtracks”.

Red Riding Hood (Brian Reitzell and Alex Heffes)-

Requiem for a Dream (Clint Mansell)- Phenomenal soundtrack. The dark side of ambient electronic music meets intense cello work.

The Ring (Hans Zimmer)- The master of soundtracks delves beautifully into horror.

Road to Perdition (Thomas Newman)- This is an amazing score full of lush moods of mystery/suspense.

Robin Hood (Marc Streitenfeld)- A great typical medieval fantasy soundtrack with a bit of a folk influence at times. A great range of moods.

Saw 3 (Charlie Clouser)- Can’t say I care for the movie, but the music is great for suspense, or anything dark. Has a modern sound though. Some good battle music too.

Session 9 (Climax Golden Twins)- Great background for anything creepy. Very unique and innovative. Highly recommended!

The Shining (Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind)- I use it hand-in-hand with Hellraiser.

Signs (James Newton Howard)- Great music for suspense, mystery, and horror with a signature theme throughout the album.

Sleepy Hollow (Danny Elfman)- This has much more of a range than Planet of the Apes, I’d say its like if Danny Elfman did Gladiator. Some battle, some quiet, some creepy, but everything with that Elfman touch.

Smokin Aces (Clint Mansell)- an interesting film score though not quite suited for gaming.

Spirited Away (Joe Hisaishi)- Piano and strings create beautiful unforgettable melodies in this album with a minimal amount of traditional Japanese sounding themes.

Star Trek XI (Michael Giacchino)- An all orchestrated soundtrack, that to me works better for fantasy games than somethign in the future, but still a decent album.

Sunshine (John Murphy)- This soundtrack captures the feel of the vast emptiness of space, a dark ambiance which brings to the surface a feeling of foreboding.

Tears of the Sun (Hans Zimmer)- This album brings traditional African sounds and voice into a great orchestrated score.

Terminator Salvation (Danny Elfman)- The score strikes a balance between heavy action tracks and quieter reflective pieces.

The Thing (Ennio Morricone)- A classic horror soundtrack by legendary composer Ennio Morricone.

Troy (James Horner)- Similar in sound to Gladiator, but less thematic, which makes it harder to use as background music.

Unbreakable (James Newton Howard)- incredibly quiet, equally good. There’s one track that’s very good for scaring players, its quiet so you have to have it up loud and at some point there this loud bang that will make them jump GUARANTEED, try to find the perfect scene for this.

Van Helsing (Alan Silvestri)- Fast and action packed almost all the way through.

The Village (James Newton Howard)- just recently got this, but I plan on using it a lot. :)

Waking Life (Glover Gill and Tosca Tango orchestra)- Not like anything else. Very unique. Not good generic music, but great if you can find uses for it.

Willow (James Horner)- Mostly just long songs with tons of ups and downs. Only really two useful tracks, one with action and one which is all fanfare.

The Wolfman (Danny Elfman)- Dark, heavy, and spooky. Amazing string work! Perfect for a Gothic horror game or the darker moments in any game.

TV Show Soundtracks

Avatar the Last Airbender (The Track Team)- A magnificent unreleased score floating around on the web. Many great action/battle tunes. Downside is many tracks are very short.

Carnivale (Jeff Beal)- Set in the 1930’s with dark magic, mystery and more.

Cowboy Bebop (Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts)- Jazz, blues, folk, western, and more.

Cowboy Bebop: Blue (Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts)- Jazz, blues, folk, western, and more.

Cowboy Bebop: No Disc (Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts)- Jazz, blues, folk, western, and more.

Deadwood (Various Artists)- A western soundtracks that sounds like songs sung during the time of the old west, and more.

Firefly (Greg Edmonson)- Western themed with suspense and battle and more moods.

Game of Thrones Season 1 (Ramin Djawadi)- Fantastic score!

Rome (Jeff Beal)- Really takes you back into ancient Rome.

Samurai Jack (James L. Venable)- A great (unreleased) soundtrack, full of action and covering a range of sounds and genres.

Video Game Soundtracks

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (Knut Avenstroup Haugen)- A great gaming soundtrack! All of the tracks are thematic and there is a huge variety of feels. This is a must have!

Bastion (Darren Korb)- The psychadelic electrobilly songs in this album might be a bit all over the map, and would probably clash with the more traditional fantasy game, but might really enhance other more “out there” games in the style of Planescape or Dark Sun.

Diablo (Matt Uelmen)- I like 4/6 of these tracks which are specifically intended to be background music for a fantasy setting.They tend to sound suspenseful or spooky.

Diablo II (Matt Uelmen)- A stronger album than the first in every way. Better sounding songs, more songs, and a greater variety of feels. Still most tracks fall into the spooky and suspenseful categories.

Diablo II Lord of Destruction (Matt Uelmen)- Six more tracks, fitting the sound of the last two soundtracks.

The Dig (Michael Land)- An ethereal and otherworldly soundtrack that fits any fantastical scenes.

Dragon Age – Origins (Inon Zur)- A good fantasy soundtrack with a variety of sounds and diversity of moods and themes. A good number of battle tracks too.

Ecco The Dolphin (Spencer Nilsen, Brian Coburn, and András Magyari) – The general moods of the album are ambiance, with an air of magic, mystery or even a little spooky

Echoes of War (Eminence Symphony Orchestra)- Mostly short battle tracks.

Elder Scrolls III Morrowind (Jeremy Soule)- a good soundtrack with a variety of moods, but short tracks.

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (Jeremy Soule)- Decent soundtrack with a variety of moods, mostly short tracks.

Fallout 1 (Mark Morgan)- The quintessential soundtrack to any post apocalyptic bohemian scene.

Fallout 2 (Mark Morgan)- While reusing many of the tracks from the original game, it does feature a few new songs worth checking out.

Fallout 3 (Inon Zur and Various Artists)- Inon Zur scores a few battle tracks and the rest is pop ballads from the 1930’s and 40’s.

God of War (Mike Reagan, Gerard Marino, Winifred Phillips, Ron Fish, Chris Velasco)- mostly epic battle music, but also has good Middle Eastern background and suspense tracks

God of War 2 (Gerard Marino, Mike Reagan, Cris Velasco, Ron Fish)- mostly epic battle music, but also has good Middle Eastern background and suspense tracks

God of War 3 (Gerard Marino, Jeff Rona, Ron Fish, Mike Reagan, Cris Velasco)- mostly epic battle music, but also has good Middle Eastern background and suspense tracks

Halo (Martin O’Donnell)- A sort of typical sounding video game soundtrack made from mostly keyboard synths ranging in feel from ambient to action with filler in between.

Halo 2 (Martin O’Donnell)- A sort of typical sounding video game soundtrack made from mostly keyboard synths ranging in feel from ambient to action with filler in between. An improvement in sound over the first.

Halo 3 (Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori)- The best of the three soundtracks. Worth a listen.

Icewind Dale (Jeremy Soule)- Another great video game soundtrack perfect for gaming, though many of the tracks are very short.

Icewind Dale II (Inon Zur)- Less tracks than the first, and more battle oriented, but still pretty good.

Icewind Dale – Heart of Winter (Jeremy Soule)- More thematic, like the first, but less tracks than the first as well.

Ico (Michiru Oshima)- Mostly very short tracks, but overall still pretty good. A range of sounds and themes including dark ambiance, serene moments, and puzzle music.

Mass Effect (Jack Wall and Sam Hulick)- Sci-fi themed soundtrack with some quiet/suspense tracks.

Metroid Prime (Kenji Yamamoto)- It is very electronic sounding, with strange sounds and electronic voices for the selected “instruments”. There are many great tracks though that build dynamic ambient atmospheres.

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes (Kenji Yamamoto)- While the types of voices and sounds used are very similar to the first Metroid Prime, this soundtrack is much darker and creepier

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (Kenji Yamamoto)- This soundtrack fits right in with the other two Prime soundtracks. It has an electronic sound to it but has quite a few good tracks that produce an ambiance of tension.

Myst (Robyn Miller)- A magical mystery tour of a beautiful soundscape.

Planescape: Torment (Mark Morgan)- A wild fantasy soundtrack.

Myst II – Riven (Robyn Miller)- A magical mystery tour of a beautiful soundscape.

Myst III Exile (Jack Wall)- An ambiance of mystery and suspense with occasional action.

Myst IV Revelation (Jack Wall)- This Myst soundtrack has far more variety than the others before it. Action, suspense and mystery, tribal sounding percussion and chanting, peaceful moods, and spooky tracks all have their place here.

Prince of Persia – Sands of Time (Stuart Chatwood)- I wouldn’t say that if you are running a dessert or Middle Eastern world that this is all you need for gaming music, but if this is all you had you’d definitely be able to manage. There’s a variety of moods and feels including setting music, battle music, mystery and intrigue.

Prince of Persia – Trilogy (Stuart Chatwood)- There is a good mix of tracks. Some would be great Middle Eastern setting music, while others are battle tracks and some are suspenseful.

Prince of Persia – Warrior Within (Stuart Chatwood)- Some great mystical persian songs, but also some really bad heavy metal tracks. My least favorite of the PoP soundtracks.

Quake (Trent Reznor)- Mostly dark ambient with electronic pulsing that makes it sound like you are descending into an area deep under the Earth which houses a giant humming machine.

Quake 3 Arena (Sonic Mayhem, Front Line Assembly)- industrial tracks, either heavy for battle, or ambient for the calm before the storm.

Red Dead Redemption (Bill Elm and Woody Jackson)- Great soundtrack with lots of variety that builds of the archtypical Western sound developed by Ennio Moricone’s soundtracks for the classic Spaghetti Westerns.

Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic (Jeremy Soule)-

Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic II (Jeremy Soule)-

Titan Quest (Scott B. Morton)- A great soundtrack made up of diverse moods with a Middle Eastern feel.

World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King ((Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford Neal Acree)- One of the best video game soundtracks for use in PnP gaming! A variety of feels and moods performed by a real orchestra.

Other Music

The 13th Hour (Midnight Syndicate)- a Gothic horror album meant to be an “imaginary soundtrack”.

76 14 (Global Communication)- An ambient album that has a distinct sound that reminds me of the Metroid Prime soundtracks.

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (Explosions in the Sky)- A post rock album that alternates between spacey textures and booming crashes.

Anonymous (Tomahawk)- Heavy metal/avante garde figure Mike Patton leads this metal band into performing a bunch of traditional Native American songs, of course with that strange avante garde/metal twist you’d expect from Patton.

Archangel (Two Steps from Hell)- Epic, heavy, dramatic, music for movie trailers that you can use for those game changing moments and boss battles.

Ascope Tierra Del Amanecer (Inca Son)- This traditional Andean (South American) band includes flute, guitar, percussion and male vocals.

Birmanie – Burma: Traditional Music (Aung Win)- Traditional Burmese music, very peaceful.

Blacthorn Asylum (Nox Arcana)- A Gothic horror album which revolves around the concept of an insane asylum.

Blood of the Dragon (Nox Arcana)- Gothic horror meets fantasy in this spooky soundscape.

Born of the Night (Midnight Syndicate)- a Gothic horror album meant to be an “imaginary soundtrack”.

Buried Secrets (Painkiller)- Avante garde jazz legend John Zorn’s side project with a distinct metal/punk influence.

Carnival of Lost Souls (Nox Arcana)- a horror soundscape which revolves around the concept of a dark haunted carnival.

Cello Blue (David Darling)- Cello music with piano in the background. Quiet and beautiful.

Celtic Mystique (Howard Baer)- Just what you’d imagine. Very good. :)

Chant 2 (Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos)– I like to put this on softly in the background when the PC’s are in a temple or something like that.

Dark Wood (David Darling)- Dark foreboding and haunting solo cello performance.

Darklore Manor (Nox Arcana)- A mix of Gothic horror and classic horror in this soundscape which revolves around the concept of a haunted mansion.

The Dead Matter (Midnight Syndicate)- a Gothic horror album meant to be an “imaginary soundtrack”.

Dungeons and Dragons Official Roleplaying Soundtrack (Midnight Syndicate)- A variety of moods for fantasy gaming worked out on keyboard MIDI.

Earth Island (Suspended Memories)- Great album for general background music for exploring or something.

Euphoric (Delerium)- A dark industrial album with only 4 tracks.

Faces, Forms, and Illusions (Delerium)- A dark ambient instrumental album with an industrial feel.

Forgotten Gods (Suspended Memories)- Great album for general background music for exploring or something.

The Fragile (Nine Inch Nails)- A dark and moody industrial album with some great instrumentals. Very fitting for Shadowrun or other modern/futuristic games.

Floodplain (Kronos Quartet)- A great performance of traditional sounding Middle Eastern music.

Gates of Delirium (Midnight Syndicate)- A Gothic horror album meant to be an “imaginary soundtrack”.

Ghosts I-IV (Nine Inch Nails)- I think Trent Reznor knew how much I loved to use his music for gaming so he released an album of nothing but instrumentals! :)

God is Good (Om)- A surprisingly meditative Stoner/Doom two piece band, but that’s their style. There’s a couple of songs that have a very Ancient Egyptian twist to them.

Grimm Tales (Nox Arcana)- A horror album on the theme of twisted/dark fairy tales.

Invincible (Two Steps from Hell)- Epic music imagined for film trailers.

Last of the Troubadours (Martin Best Medieval Ensemble)- A great album of authentic sounding music from 13th century Europe.

Machaut- Messe de Notre Dame (The Hilliard Ensemble)- Authentic Medieval music with vocals.

Morning Raga – Evening Raga (Ravi Shankar)- Sitar legend Shankar entertains us with some quiet magical sounding pieces that pick up with added pace and tabla.

Morpheus (Delerium)- A dark ambient mostly instrumental album with an industrial feel, however it has voice samples which could be a bit distracting.

Music of the Gothic Era (The Early Music Consort Of London)- Vocal centered authentic 13th century European music.

Music from the Time of Richard III (The York Waits)- These guys aren’t are RenFair band, they play real instruments from Medieval times. This is the definition of old school. ;)

Necronomicon (Nox Arcana)- A horror album based around the concept of the mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Oh Flanders Free – Music of the Flemish Renaissance (Various Artists)- Traditional instruments and beautiful vocals will bring you back to the time of the Renaissance!

Orchid II (Shao Rong)- A New Age twist to traditional Chinese music. Some very good quiet tracks for any Chinese/Asian based campaign. Also there’s a few tracks with beautiful female vocals.

Out of the Darkness (Midnight Syndicate)- a Gothic horror album meant to be an “imaginary soundtrack”.

Passages (Ravi Shankar and Phillip Glass)- Phillip Glass, the minimalist composer, and Ravi Shankar, the legendary Indian sitar player, come together and create breathtakingly beautiful music together.

Phantoms of the High Seas (Nox Arcana)- A horror soundscape based around the concept of the dark things you might find at sea, including ghostly pirate ships.

Quiet Heart / Spirit Wind (Richard Warner)- More New Age flute, there’s a few great slow/quiet tracks.

Realm of Shadows (Midnight Syndicate)- a Gothic horror album meant to be an “imaginary soundtrack”.

Santiago’s Dream (Kevin Keller)- GREAT piano and cello music. Soft, with a touch of something magical in the air.

Shadow of the Raven (Nox Arcana)- Gothic horror and classic horror tracks influenced by the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Shakti with John McLaughlin (Shakti)- Jazz guitar virtuoso McLaughlin plays along side Indian musicians who are virtuoso in their own right. One plays violin while the others play traditional Indian instruments. It is jazz fusion meets traditional Indian music.

The Shape of Light (Jeff Ball)- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Wooden flute with occasional percussion and guitar. Great songs! I absolutely love “Drawing In Embers” and “Escape of the Medicine Man”.

Spiritual Archives (Delerium)- A dark ambient instrumental album with an industrial feel.

The Stone Tower (Delerium)- A dark ambient instrumental album with an industrial feel, also a bit creepy.

Sub Conscious (Phutreprimitive)- Ambient meets electronica. A good fit for modern/future “dungeon crawls” or their digital equivalent. Reminds me of some styles of video game music, where there’s lots of ambient sounds and such, but a light slow beat to give it a modern feel.

Syrophenikan (Delerium)- An instrumental industrial album with an dark ambient feel.

Tear of the Moon (Coyote Oldman)- New Age wooden flute music with slight echo effects, very ambient and quiet.

Those Who Tell the Truth (Explosions in the Sky)- A post rock album that alternates between spacey textures and booming crashes.

Three Ragas (Ravi Shankar)- Legendary musician Ravi Shankar plays sitar with tabla accompaniment on three lengthy tracks. Best used probably quiet in the background as setting music.

Transylvania (Nox Arcana)- A Gothic horror soundscape.

Vamos a Mi Tierra (Inca Son)- This traditional Andean (South American) band includes flute, guitar, percussion and male vocals.

Vampyre (Midnight Syndicate)- a gothic horror album meant to be an “imaginary soundtrack”.

Winter’s Knight (Nox Arcana)- a wintry Gothic horror soundscape.

Zombie Influx (Buzz Works and Nox Arcana)- dark ambient music based on the concept of a zombie apocalypse.

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