Metroid Prime

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If you’re running a fantasy game this may not be your first choice for music. It is very electronic sounding, with strange sounds and very electronic voices for the selected “instruments” (which I’m guessing are all done on a keyboard or with a MIDI interface). There are many great tracks though. I’m averse to using any of the battle music in mygame (just tooo video gamey for me) so I avoid any of the tracks which start with “vs.” as well as the “title”, “menu”, and “prologue” just because I don’t think they could be taken seriously (especially if your players have played the game).

That being said, there’s at least 18 strong tracks here. All of them are very ambient and many feature strange sounds now and then. They are: Frigate Orpheon, Planet Tallon IV, Ancient Chozo Ruins, Chozo Ruins, Energy Core, Lava Caverns, Ice Valley, Ice Chapel, Space Priates (Laboratory Gate), Tallon Overworld, Chozo Chapel of the Elders, Ice Valley (Phendrana Deep Lake Area), The Downed Frigate Orpheon, Phazon Mines, Phazon Area, Artifact Shrine, Impact Crater, and Shrine Collapsing? (Epilogue). Each of these tracks builds a distinct atmosphere that would be appropriate for a futuristic game, or a strange alien world.

Metroid Prime

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