Metroid Prime 3

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This soundtrack fits right in with the other two Prime soundtracks. It has an electronic sound to it that makes many of the tracks less suitable for a fantasy game and more fitting for something futuristic. Though there are definately some universally usable tracks. “GF Calm”, “Tension”, “The Corruption”, “Valhalla”, and “Valhalla II” are all great for general ambient tension – for those times when the party is exploring the unknown and everyone is expecting something to jump out, but they just don’t know when. “Higher Tension” and “Pirate Labs” have the same feel but have a few electronic “bleeps and bloops” that might be distracting in a fantasy game. “Bryyo” has some dark chanting and higher register keyboard notes that could be usable for a dark tmeple.

Other tracks that might be good are: In the Cockpit, GF Tension, Rundas, Bryyo Fire, Bryyo Thorn Jungle, SkyTown, Bryyo Ice, Helios, Pirate Homeworld, and Phaze. Also I again don’t think that battle tracks are very fitting (too video gamey) and this time they aren’t labeled starting with a “vs.” so you have to really listen to each track to find out which ones are like that.

Metroid Prime 3

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