Planet of the Apes

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This original score by Danny Elfman is amazing! Elfman really succeeds in creating the experience that the listener is truely in some primitive world. His use of drums and deep horns are emphasized by strings and occasional synths. One dissatisfied amazon reviwer calls it, “exteremly loud, testosterone pumping dissonance”. I think the reviewer didn’t quite get it that this perfectly describes the world in which Elfman is trying to mirror in his music.

Some of the tracks aren’t thematic enough, changing from quiet, to intrigue, and then to intense. They would be better suited for descriptive sences than for general background gaming music. There are many tracks which would be perfect for battle music. I absolutely ove this album, but it isn’t for every game. Not a must have for any campaign, but if you are playing in a world with dark bestial elemental forces this is what you are looking for!

Planet of the Apes

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